Sunday, November 11, 2007


Robeez- Hi. If anyone is looking for Robeez shoes for your LO's I found a great deal. They are usually around $28 and I got them shipped for $18. (that is after my rebate from EBATES)

I bought them through my EBATES account and got an automatic 10% back on each pair I ordered (so $2) (you can click above to get to EBATES) I searched in ebates for (Make sure you use their link to get your credit) I added the robeez to my cart.

I then added this code on that page BESTGIFT07 (this code gives you $10 off of a $30 purchase

Shoebuy also gives you a member discount of $2.65 on the shoes. You end up paying $20.65 out of pocket plus get some money back from ebates.

A pretty good deal. Plus they are offering free shipping. I bought several pairs. I did 5 different transactions so I could use the code several times.

Hope that helps someone!


shreny said...

Nice collection....