Saturday, September 29, 2007

CVS Week of 9/30

This will be a great week at CVS! If you haven’t tried the ECB deals yet, this is the week to go for it!

(Don’t forget to print off a $4 off of $20 purchase coupon from the link to the right!!) Email me if you have questions about how that works! I like helping you guys!
Actually here is a link to one of them but there are more to the left if you need extra!

(you can only use this particular coupon once on each trip (at least at my store) However, there are more coupons to the left with different expiration dates that you can use)


***The BIG deal is on Proctor & Gamble products. (Charmin, PAMPERS (Jumbo Pack), Duracell, Bounty, Pantene and Others) Here is how it works: You will earn $5 when you buy (wyb) $20 of P&G products. (a $5 ECB will print out at the register for you to use on your next purchase) That is like an automatic $5 off coupon! There are also some P&G coupons coming out in this weeks paper that will sweeten this deal.

$10 ECB wyb $20 of Tylenol, Motrin, Mylanta, etc
$10 ECB wyb $20 of Advil Cold and Sinus, Robitussin, Dimetapp, NyQuil, DayQuil, Airborne
$10 ECB wyb $20 of Mucinex, Halls Naturals, Halls ProHealth, Triaminic, Theraflu,

So they are all basically half off plus there are some coupons out there. I am also posting some printable coupons that you can use for some of these products. That will make these medicine purchases an awesome deal!

*There is a $3 Robitussin printable: (the price is $6 at CVS so this is a great coupon)

*And a $1.50 Dimetapp printable: (price in store is $7)

*This link has coupons for Advil, Robitussin and some other items for this week...Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Special Offers

*Here is a link to get a $3.00 coupon for Mylanta Ultimate Strength LiquidMylantaYou give your e-mail address and they send you an e-mail with a link to the coupon. Check your Junk email box if you can’t find it

***AMBI skincare
(I bought this soap- (for -.01) and LOVE it! You should definately try it since it is better than free!)
$1 ECB wyb 1 AMBI skincare bar. The soap only costs $1.99. That would be $.99 soap BUT there is also a printable $1 off coupon so you will actually make $.01 on this deal!! (

Here is an example of how you could do this deal and make a little money.
This is just for Robitussin:
Buy 4 Robitussin at $6 each= $24
Use $4 off of $20 coupon = $20
Use 4 of the $3 off coupons (see printable above) = $8
Get back $10 in ECBs!!! (so you MAKE $2 buying Robitussin)

Use those ECB’s on your next purchase (sometime this week) to buy Pampers of something else you need. (Preferably something that is on sale where you can earn more ECB’s

(If you don't need 4 robitussion, then add in a couple of these products that are also in this deal-Advil Cold and Sinus, Robitussin, Dimetapp, NyQuil, DayQuil, Airborne. Just get your total to $20 and you will get $10 ECB's back)

I plan to by Pampers like this:

2 packs of Pampers $8.99 each ( 17.98)
1 pack of Always (2.99) (or 3 Dawn)
Total before Coupons= 20.97
Use $4 off of $20 printable= ($16.97)
Use your $10 ECB that printed from the Robitussin deal above ($6.97)

If you have any PAMPERS coupons use those and this will be even cheaper. Basically you are paying $6.97 at the most for 2 Jumbo packs of Pampers! What a deal!!!

If you don’t need Pampers- Use the $10 for other things on sale or "roll them" by using them on another deal like the Tylenol deal above! Happy Saving!
I will be adding more as I find it.

If you have questions just email me!! or leave a comment below!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some great printable coupons!!!

$1/1 Buddies coupon (This is children's soap that is very popular) Here is a link to the coupon. COUPON

$4/1 J&J Melt away Stress coupon: These are lotions, body washes, and massage oils. They are wonderful. They retail for about $6 but OFTEN go on sale for about $4 making them pretty much free if you use this coupon. I put this on here a couple weeks ago but didn't want anyone to miss out!. COUPON

I'll add more later!

CVS- week of Sept. 23rd

I think this is going to be a good week for CVS. I still have some more research to do before I go but I thought I would go ahead and post what I have already found. Remember that ECB's print out at the register when you buy participating items. You can then use those on your next purchase to buy anything you want. It is basically CVS money.

$5 in ECB's (extra care bucks) wyb (when you buy) $10 Maalox, Gas-X, Ex-Lax, Perdiem, Benefiber (don't know if childrens are included but there were Qs in the last few weeks papers)

$4.87 ECB's wyb Pepcid @ $4.87-Here is a link to a Pepcid coupon that makes this a money maker!

Hershey's Snack Size Candy (Reese's assorted types, milk chocolate, almond joy, mounds, take5, kissables, heath, kit kat, s'mores, Mr. Goodbar, 10.5-11.5 or twizzlers 22 oz.
Pay 2/$4 with extracare card, earn $2.00 extracare bucks on 2. That makes these 2 for $2! Not a bad deal before Halloween!

Don't forget the monthly deals. These will end at the end of the month so don't delay. :-)

Zantac Cool Mint (dissolvable) 8 count. Free after ECB's all month. Limit 2 per card. There was actually a coupon for these in the paper a few weeks ago. So that would be a money maker but even without the coupon it is still FREE Zantac!

Colgate Total or Maxfresh Burst free after Extra Care Bucks (ECB) They are 2.99 with 2.99 ECB and there are some coupons out, 1.00 off 2, or .75 cents off one. (they were in newspaper but you might be able to find some to print online- either way it is free toothpase) Limit 5 per card.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walgreens- Week of Sept. 23rd

Ok, so I have been missing in action around here. Last week was a slow week at the stores and a busy week for our family. I am getting back into the swing of things. I went to Walgreens today to do a couple of deals. We needed some teething tablets for Chloe and I had some $10 register rewards that had printed out. I figured I might as well use those. Here are the Walgreens deals I have found so far. Enjoy!

*Extra Gum sale for $2/1 and there are coupons from last week $1/2 =FREE
*Advil PM liquid gel caps 16 count. - It is on sale for $3 and you get $2 in RR when you buy it making it $2. There was also a coupon in last Sunday's paper for $1 off making it FREE!!
*The robutussin and dimetapp stuff is 3/$12. There was a $1 robutussin and $1 Dimetapp coupon in today's paper, making it 3/$10. Walgreens has a $5/3 rebate and the paper had a $5/3 rebate--making it all free! but you have to get two receipts and some cashiers might not do that for you???? Even if you only get one reciept, it is $5 for 3 bottles of medicine and consiering it is cold season- A Good Deal!
*The candy coupons were also stackable. There was minis and funbar coupon in the paper this week. They were on sale 2/$5 -$1 manuf coupon and -$1 WG (the Walgreen coupon is in the flyer or the supersaver/rebate book that you can get at the store) This makes it $3 for two packages. Not too bad if you need Halloween candy.

That is it for now but I will post more as I find them! Happy shopping!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kmart Clearance- A treasure hunt

I have already blogged about all the great deals I have been getting at Kmart. Well there is a list that I printed off of the Bargain Board at BabyCenter. I thought I would share it with you guys. A lot of this stuff is not marked as clearanced. I just take it to the scanner in the store and they ring up CHEAP! Now, a lot of these things were not on clearance at my local Kmart but it was fun looking. I also found a couple things not on this list. Here is the master list. Enjoy the hunt!

Dove Ultimate Clear cucumber scent 2.7 oz deodarant with a trial size Dove shampoo and conditioner attached to the back for $2.10. I had a 75 cent coupon!

Dawn Foam refill for $1.75 - green one (2.00 coupon)

Method wet wipes in a canister--lavender and cucumber scents .56

Pledge 3 ct surface wipes--scanned csp, got them for .07

Washable Artist Smock for kids .49

Dittie regular tampons .70

Dittie panty liners .51

Dittie super tampons 1.56

Power Ranger Oral B toothbrush .49

Got 2 Be Curl Creme 1.05 at one store and .70 at another (tried to use $1 coupon from All You one first one and it wouldn't scan, so the cashier wouldn't let me )

Dawn dish det. in old style bottles 2.6 oz for .70 and larger for 1.40 (bought two small ones and used $1/2)

Hershey Kiss cookies--3 flavors--confetti, double choc. and choc. chip for .49

Grab It Vinegar Wipes 12 ct. .28

Ponds Pristine Clean cleansing foam 1.05

Dove daily hydrating cleansing clothes in vanity case 1.05 (used $1 Dove face item)

Fructis Shake Gel .56

Swiffer Carpet Flick 2.45, refills 1.40

King size bed skirt 4.20

Martha Stewart tablecloths 2.45

single Magic erasers .75

5-Cheer laundry detergent @ $1.05
9-Gain laundry detergent @ $1.05
16-Suavital fabric softener @ $ .70
6-George Foreman kitchen cleaner @ $ .49
10-Teddy Grahams @ $ .35
15-Hersheys cookies @ $. 49
2-Oreo chocolate fillling @ $ .49
5-Snack pack puddings 12 count @ $1.05
5-Hungry Jack pancake mix @ $ .70
5-Hungry Jack syrup @ $ .70


Boxes of Hershey's Kisses mini cookies double chocolate flavor family size box are ringing up for $.20 a box
36 pk of Ultra Sensitive Condoms- 2.10
Lysol surface Cleaner- .70
Lysol sanitizing spray - .70
Windex Wipes- .40
2 pk Refills of Pampers Wipes (Spring blossom & Lavender Scent) .50
Kotex lightdays liners 16-22 count- 1.00 (CK coups)
Dawn Foaming Pump (orange)-.56
Trial Size Mr Clean Magic Eraser- .21 (coup)
Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner & Dust Wipes .05
Scotch Brite Dry floor cloths- .70
Scotch Brite Bathroom kits- 1.50 or 1.05
Scotch Brite refills - .50
Resolve Dual Power Carpet Cleaner- .49
Choc Chip Teddy Grahams-.35
Tampax Pearls-2.10
Kandoo Shampoo, Body Wash, Hand Soap- .49
Dawn Complete Ultra Concentrate 600ml Floral Scent-.14
handi snack oreos for $.42
pledge grab it wipes - $.28.
Clorox oxi magic was $.70
Pampers wipes (double pack) lavender, spring blossom, sensitive (org $5ish) - .35
5 Tide Buzz Pads .28 ea
26 Windex Wipes .28 ea
2 Magic Eraser .24 ea
4 Dove Facial Cloths 1.05 ea
11 Fuzzy Art Pictures .14 ea
1 old spice deod 1.05
1 Nexcare Bandaid .70
4 Dawn Dish Soap .70 ea
CASCADE - 1.05
Aquafresh is on sale for $1, there are $1 coupons out there
Dawn Foaming Pump on clearance for 56 cents. The orange one. coupons (a $1, and (2) $2).
Mini Oust .35
Nivea Visage Multiple Results Eye Cream $2.80, used a $2/1 so it was .80.
Windex Dry Micro Fiber Cloths- b/w .40 to .28 each
(There are also $1.00/2 coupons in the cleaning isle for ANY windex item. It will also print a .55 catalina for each box so it's a money maker.)
Gain Fresh Awakening / gain with bleach (may be 1.05)
Dawn Complete ultra concentrated in Foral scent. It's a 600ml bottle (20.2 fl oz), it's a dark pink color liquid. It rang up...get this 14c!

The other list

Betty Crocker Care Bears fruit snacks for $.49
Chips ahoy w/ white fudge .70
Hershey's cookies for .35
Hershey's Kisses Mini Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Confetti Sprinkles) .49
Hunts Pudding 12 ct 1.05 8/12 SS $.35/2
Kellogg’s Hot Wheels fruit snacks .35; Kellogg’s Lion King Bug-alicious fruit snacks 10 ct .49
Fruit Streamers for .35
Little Debbie Peanut butter and jelly oatmeal cakes were scanning for .35/box...normally $1.29
Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack Ritz Toasted Chips Minis -- 6 packs . 63
Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack Wheat Thins Toasted Chips Minis -- 6 packs .63 Note that a catalina coupon will print out for the purchase of either of these 100's. Buy 4 get $2 off your next purchase, buy 5 and get $3 off or buy 6 and get $4 off
Nature Valley Chewy trail mix (apple cinnamon)
Oreo Chocolate Creme Double Stuff 1lb 1oz (UPC 447270) .30
Oreo Sticks w/ dipping cream 6 ct by Handi Snacks .46 - .60
Quaker granola bars smores .49 8/19 SS $1/2
Small mini choc chips cookies .49
Teddy Grahams - 14¢; teddy grahams, chocolate chip 8 oz $.49
Crisco Pure Corn Oil (UPC 05150070657)....90c
Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil 48 oz (UPC 5150025362) 1.05
Folger's Chocolate Silk and the Cinnamon Swirl rang up $2.10 each.
Hungry Jack instant mashed potatoes 70¢ 8/19 V $.75/2
Hungry Jack Augratin potatoes were 1.05
Hungry jack buttermilk pancake mix 32oz box .60c
Hungry Jack syrup .90c
IBC diet root beer for $.70
Libbys Pumpkin .42
Martha White muffins .35
Pillsbury cake mix .70; Pillsbury Frosting . 70
Sweet n Low 100 pk .35 there is a printable $.25/1 check

All spring burst $1.75
Biz 50 oz. dark blue bottle .50
Bounce w/ febreeze 1.40 70 ct box. with Febreze Fresh Scent UPC 37000 04489 $1.40
Cheer True Fit .75 - 2.50 20 loads rings up at $1.05
Downey Whitening .95 (52 load size, purple cap/dark blue bottle)
Dry Cleaners Secret for 50 cents;
Dry cleaning cloths 6 pk- (throw into the dryer)-70¢
Era .70 - 2.48 Era 100 oz no scent for 70 cents
Febreeze orange 1.00 and .75 (orange Scent, meadow and rain -- turquoise caps);
Febreeze citrus and light spray $1.75
Gain w/ bleach alternative outdoor sunshine (whit cap) $1.05
Gain fresh awakenings (light blue cap) $1.05;
Cotton fresh White Water fresh Outdoor Fresh with bleach $3.10???
Gain Dry Powder in the 124 oz box? : Should be $2.10"
Senseo Coffee Maker (UPC 07502022786) $9.80
Snuggle liquid fabric softener 2 bottles w/ bear 2.40 – 4.00
Snuggle yellow bottle $1.75 64 oz
Suavitel fabric softener 1.40 (yellow or blue bottles) Suavitel-40 0z. it's the concentrate

American Fare Spray Mop Floor Cleaner 16.9oz blue bottle marked down from 1.99 to .20 (or .14 after the 30% off). cheap refills for Swiffer WetJet. (It was on the very bottom shelf (not very noticeable) with all the other floor cleaners.)
American Fare All Purpose Apple Scented Cleaner .20
Clorox Teflon cleaner 1.00 dark colored bottles
Clorox oxi magic
Easy Off BAM 1.50 8/12 SS2 $1/1
Easy Off Bam rang up at .33 Multi Purpose Power Cleaner, Grime & Lime Remover
Electrasol Tabs Lemon 40 count 27.7 oz box UPC 5170078082- .42
EZ Duster 1 count 14"x18" yellow cloth .10
Glad garbage bags force flex 8 gal. (26 count?) $2.10
George Foreman Knock Out green multipurpose cleaner 32 oz. .62 (UPC 83215100024)
George Foreman KnockOut (Purple) Glass Cleaner (UPC 83215100026)....43c
Lysol Kitchen Sanitizer .70
Lysol ready brush replacement head 1 count .30
Method Daily Shower Cleaner .21 each
Method flushable bathroom wipes (0.21)
Mr. Clean trial size magic erasers .10 -.40
Multi scrub where you put cleaner in the handle and it comes out at the sponge on the end .50
Pledge grab it wet
Resolve dual power stain spot carpet cleaner w/oxi action 22 fl oz .49 UPC 019200778732
Salvo 38oz. dish detergent green bottle .20
Scotch Brite Bathroom Floor Cleaner Starter Kit 1.05 - 1.50 (was 12.99) Scotch Brite Bathroom Floor Cleaner Refill Cloths .35 - .50 (was 5.19!)
Windex Clean & Shine Dry Microfiber Cloths (blue box) UPC 1980032943 ringing up .28cents, some were marked 2.00 triggered a .55 OYNO Catalina 7/22 SS $1/1
Dixie Spongebob Kitchen Cups 5oz (UPC 04200045690)....70c
Chinet 25CT medium round plates $1 - 1.50; all occasions plates 25 pack; Oval Platters Classic White 12ct (UPC 3770032269) .80c 8/19 SS $1/1 (excludes 15ct)
Chinet 15 ct compartment plates (green on pack, instead of red) .20 6/17 SS $.50/1
Chinet Casuals Microwavable Plates 15pk (03770032281) scanning for .07c each...
Scotties Tissues 6 pk. (in plastic that said buy 5 get 1 free) for 42¢ 160 ct boxes and more 65 ct boxes for 49¢
Zoopals paper plates $1.05 for 12...reg $2.79

Health and Beauty:
A & D 1.75
Clean Team wipes (UPC 03600073098) .63
Huggies washcloths 1.04 – 1.40; Huggies Nourishing Shampoo with Mango, Coconut, and Aloe 15 oz. (orange bottle) (UPC 3600070820) .70
Huggies shampoo extra gentle white bottle w/green cap $.70
Huggies Naturally refreshing shampoo green bottle $1.05
Huggies baby Lavender & Chamomile shampoo 15 oz -
upc 036000705157 - rang up .63
Huggies baby Naturally Refreshing shampoo w/cucumber & green tea 15 oz upc 36000700367 1.05 (bottle w/blonde haired boy)
Huggies baby Nourishing shampoo w/mango, coconut & aloe 15 oz upc 36000708202 .70 (bottle w/dark haired boy)
Huggies disposable washcloths - Extra Gentle w/Baby Wash (blue box) - Aloe & E upc 36000710182 .63
Kandoo body wash bottles $1.00; Kandoo hand soap .70 (green and purple); Kandoo wipes 1.00; Kandoo shampoo $.49
Pampers Kandoo 50ct orange lid wipes scanned for .49c UPC 3700004175
Kids vitamins 2.45
Pampers wipes .35 - .50 (lavender, sensitive, spring blossom 140 – 166 ct) spring blossom refills (2 pks in bag) 35¢; Lavender refills 160 ct (2pks in bag) 35¢
Wet ones- lavender

Band-Aids Care Bear marked 2.49, rang up .24 a box
Braun 3600 series Interface shaver foil & cutter is on clearance @ Kmart for $1.75+tax. The original price was $28.99
Chapstick 2pks, package is blue and says B1G1 Free are .14
Children's Motrin Cold for $1.05 and also Children's Tylenol for $1.05.
Chloraseptic spray (cool mint) 1.05
Colgate Kids The Fairly Odd Parents Toothpaste - bubble fruit flavor 4.6 oz. (purple container.) ~ .49 cents
Dial soap refill - reg $4.99 for $1.50 UPC 017000071435
Dial Antibac hand sanitizer in light citrus scent 7.5 oz pump bottle for .42 regular 2.59.
Dove Shampoo/Conditioner (big bottles) $1.00;
Dove Regenerating Night Lotion - Dark Blue Bottle (UPC 0 11111 07690 7) $1.05
Edge Active Care shave gel .70 8/12 SS2 $.75/1
First aid kit w/ bonus sanitizer .70
Kleenex Splash'n Go Moist Wipes 35 ct (UPC 3600075935) .14
Listerine cinnamon strips 28 ct .28
Microlife premier wrist blood pressure monitor. On the price stick it said original price 74.99 but scanned at 13.3
Mystique razors for $1.05, reg $6.99
Nexcare .45 -.70; nexcare bandaids today for 56 cents each. waterproof blue box and heavy duty waterproof purple box. heads up, there is a .35 cent coupon in each of the blue boxes so if you take it out and use it at the register they are .21 cents each 5/20 V $1/1
Nexcare Disney Princess "tattoo" bandages (Cinderella, Mermaid, Belle) - these scanned 1.05
Nexcare ear plugs .70
OB (can't remember the count) $.40
Paul Mitchell hair products
Quattro Power 8ct. 3.20
Scunci big square plastic storage box for accessories, jewelry, makeup etc - marked 7.99 rang up .56 - found up on top shelf in HBA area. They had blue or green.
St Ives apricot face scrub .70
St Ives mineral therapy (UPC 077043606018) $.70
Tampax Pearl Scented Super and Super Plus 18 Ct $2-$2 Coupon= Free
Toothbrushes .28 (nascar)
Zest body wash for $1.00 (orange)

Purina cat chow bags of the cat food for .70 each (vitality formula)3 or 4lb bag

Sporting Goods:
Windsor Pilates Kit with DVD mat and other stuff $3; Daisy Fluentes PILATES PKG [mat, DVD, boooklet, etc]
Brinks Fire Proof Safes (hard to find) The smallest was the BRINKS model 5035 [which is NOT small for a "fire safe" storage box].
The model 5035 had a clearance price of $11.00 [WAS $44.00].

Office supplies
2 pk tape (w/ tape runner) .83
1 pk tape (barcode ends in 02) .43
5 pk bubble poly mailers .73
Usps scotch tape .51 - .70
HP Advanced Multi-Use Paper for $1.84 (Regular $7.39). 20lb and 92 brightness.
UPC: 764025160315
twin pack bubble wrap (1.89" x 76.67yds + handy bandit 2" x 33.33 ydrs) for $1.59 each.
Georgia Pacific Geocycle Copy 30% 84 bright, 20 weight, 500 sheets
UPC: 036500084288
FujiFilm 8mm 4 pack for camcorders- $3.50

Rayovac rechargeable 15 minute charger /car charger 2AA & 2AAA batteries sticker $15.00-rang up $ 4.90

Rayovac 15 minute rechargeable 2pk AA batteries $1.40

Rayovac 15 minute rechargeable 4pk AA batteries- $2.45

Rayovac 15 minute charger with 2 AA batteries-$3.50 (rechargeable)

Odds n ends
Initial notepad for 25 cents
4 pack fashion heart erasers 25 cents
28 disc cd/dvd zippered case $1.05
Keter Plastic Utility Cabinet????
Keter 4 tier shelf (UPC 73116100058) 5.60
Keter 3 tier shelf (UPC 73116102084) 4.20
Fruit of the Loom Girls Hipsters (Pk of 9) not marked clearance .75 cents
Hanes Her Way Girls Fun Pack (lime green package with fruit) Hipsters pk of 5 .75 cents
(If you bought the Hanes underwear, be sure to do this deal. --> Get 3 music downloads wyb 1 Hanes product link )
50 Pieces JUMBO sidewalk chalk (UPC 15004 00333) $2.49
HP Advanced 20 lb. Multi-use paper (500 sh) scanned for $1.21
Lighter fluid 32 oz. (some no name brand: UPC 07200015567) $1.40
Black & Decker 9" Grass Trimmer for $4.20
Seal-a-meal for $20
Hamilton Beach Wave Power Plus Blender, was $29.99, now $15.60
Craftsman or Black and Decker Leaf blower, both scan at $10.50.
Craftsman 19.2 Volt Cordless Drill System. Model number 911640 (the 9 is smaller and underlined). UPC 03328714053. 14.00
Craftsman Hedge Shear (UPC 6938134900269) $7. Regular price is $19.99. Item was not marked clearance.
Craftsman Shovel (UPC 0492061951) $5.60. No price at all on shelf tag. Not marked clearance.
Norelco Quadra Action electric razor (6867XL) with a clearance tag of 34.99 that scanned at 11.90
Remington Trim & Shape bikini trimmer that was clearance tagged at 9.00 but scanned at 2.90
4.xx-thermoscan ear therm with penguin
Automatic Blood Pressure monitors (reg $84.99) ringing up $14.xx
Rubbermaid water bottles 0.35 clear w/colored lid.

Crayola Magic Wonders - $0.69
Color Wonder under the sea paint ems for $1.20
Comes with 3 color wonder figurines, 5 color wonder paint brush markers
2 CW boradline markers UPC: 0 71662 22101 0

Fisher Price TOuch and Cuddle hedgehog $4 and some cents UPC: 0 27084 28286 3
Superman Rub & Draw (like fashion plates, but for boys) - $4.20
Makit & Bakit Jewelry Set - $4.20
Makit & Bakit Suncatcher Set - $4.20
Cranium Giggle Gear - $4.20
Fisher Price Walkie Talkies (set of 2) - $4.90
Ifish - $16.80
Cranium Whoonu games - $7.00 (reg. $16.99)
Cranium Hullabloo game - $7.00 (reg. $24.99)
My First Craftsman Model Engine kit - $12.60 (reg. $29.99)
Leapster cartridges....Number Raiders and Letterpillar reg $18 for $8.40 each...Letterpillar received a Parent's Choice Approval....
Huffy Stadium playcenter (swingset) box says reg 529 and it was marked down to 109.90..

Nintendo Gamecube Games, Xbox, DS, Gameboy Advance & Xbox360 games on clearance plus additional 30%
* Gamecube: Fantastic 4 - $7.00, XMen 2 - $9.80, Narnia - $9.80
* Xbox: Disney Cars - $10.50; Gun - $10.59; Sims 2 $9.80
XBOX 360 Superman Returns $14
XBOX 360 Chromehounds $10.50
XBOX 360 Perfect Dark Zero $10.50
XBOX 360 Star Trek $14
XBOX 360 Quake $14
XBOX 360 XMEN $14
XBOX 360 Blue faceplate $2

Canon PowerShot A 520 - $70.00
Canon PowerShot A 530 - $90.00
Polaroid 1GB SD card - $9.99

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kroger Deal

Kroger is having a great sale this week. There is a list of items that if you buy 15 of them, Kroger will give you an automatic $5 credit on your bill. You can do this up to 3 times per transaction. That is like a $15 coupon! To top that off most of the items are on sale when using your Kroger Plus card. I actually saved more that I spent last night! I also had tons of coupons on most of the products on sale. (most of these came out in this past weeks paper)

Here are some pictures of my trip. The list of items follows the pictures.

These are ALL name brand items like green giant, old el paso, toaster strudel, prego, hamburger helper, betty crocker, kraft, cambells, etc. We also bought 2 gallons of milk, 3 loaves of bread, 2 dozen eggs, and charcoal.

Ready for the total!

Initial total was right at $125

My total was only $73.31
I saved $83.97!!!
WOW!! I was so excited!
See the receipt ----------------------->>>>

Here is a link to a message board that has a list of all the items that are on sale.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week of Sept. 9th CVS

Here are some deals for CVS this week. (ECB=Extra Care Bucks)

***70 FREE photo prints for each card. Go to this website and follow the directions there. FREE PRINTS- CLICK HERE (this is for online photos)
(This is an awesome deal and apparently you can pick up your pictures at the store, I think)

Zantac Cool Mint (dissolvable) 8 count. Free after ECB's all month. Limit 2 per card.

Colgate Total or Maxfresh Burst free after Extra Care Bucks (ECB) They are 2.99 with 2.99 ECB and there are some coupons out, 1.00 off 2, or .75 cents off one. (they were in newspaper but you might be able to find some to print online- either way it is free toothpase) Limit 5 per card.

Also there are Poise panty liners that are also FREE after ECB and there is a 1.00 off 2 coupon in this weeks paper. Limit 5

They also have Revlon buy one get one free, and buy one get one 50% offf and there are 2.00 off coupons in the paper!

Week of Sept. 9th WALGREENS

Here is what I see at Walgreens so far. I will post others as I see them. Look for links to online coupons to make some of these free! (RR=register rebate) RR is money/coupons that print on your receipt that you can use on your next visit to Walgreens. Free money!!!

*Free Ink w/ in-ad coupon on WEDNESDAY 12th, they will fill one per person per household (so make DH go once too!) it is an in-ad coupon in my circular. And you can fill either black or color. (here is a link to the printer cartridges that they can refill- check this link before you go!)

*Bayer Asprin 24-36ct is 2/$2.49 after in-ad cpn- (2) $1.10/1 inserts in this Sunday’s paper= .29 for 2

*J&J Softwash/Lotion $4.99- $1 Extra Saver Coupon (these are in a book that is available in the store)- $4 Internet Coupon (click here to print)= free plus .01 overage if you use the ES 2nd

*Coffeemate French Vanilla or Hazelnut Creamer 2/$2.19 after in-ad cpn - -$2.00 using 2 of the $1 coupons that you print HERE= .19 for 2 creamers

There is a Theraflu FortiFense offer at Walgreens this week. Buy one @ $5 and get $5 RR.
You can make money on this are Theraflu coupons for $1.00 off!

Some of my Shopping Trips

I thought I would put up some pictures of my previous shopping trips. Hopefully this will motivate you to really start in on couponing. I am also hoping this gives me some credibility!

<--- This shopping trip was at KMart. Who knew you could find this great of deals. (mostly clearance items, no coupons required) The best deal was on the 3 Oral B Triumph toothbrushes. They retail for $149.99 and we got them for $24.50. We plan to sell 2 of them on for a $75 profit. The total for all the other stuff was about $15! The Hershey's cookies were .49c a box, dove cleanser $1.50 per box, Nivea Visage face and eye cream were $2 each. (regularly over $10)

All this stuff came from CVS last week.
They paid us $19 to take it out of the store.
Yes- they paid us. CVS does something called Extra Care Bucks. They print at the bottom of your receipt and you can use them on your next trip. I also use coupons so all in all they paid me! Yay! It was about $100 worth of stuff.

There's Tide detergent, 10 tubes of toothpaste (Colgate), 4 boxes of Zantac, Bounty towels, Chips Ahoy cookies, cereal, Planters peanuts, and more. I love CVS!

This was our first trip to CVS and we got paid to take all this stuff home. I think because of coupons it was -$7 or so. Can't beat that!

This was my FIRST deal. We got Gerber baby food for .02c a jar. Yes, 2 cents a jar!!!! This was the first trip. We now have about 400 jars of baby food that we only paid $8 for. Even if she hates it, we will just donate it to a shelter or food bank.
We also got a great deal on Pamers diapers and wipes and free rice cereal. (I think our total at Target that trip was $20 or so) The mixer we got at Bed Bath and Beyond. It retails for $299.99 and I have ALWAYS wanted one. After the price match, $20 coupon, and $30 rebate, we only paid $97.99!!

Are you motivated yet?

How to-

Welcome to my money saving blog! I have been saving hundreds of dollars using coupons and great store sales for the last few months. I have had several people who want to know how I do it. Well, here is the answer! I search the internet high and low and look for great deals. I especially love the bargain board over at I also buy several papers each week and cut out those coupons. There are so many deals to be had by just doing your research and a little bit of legwork. I will be posting the deals that I find each week. I will even post links to online printable coupons that will make some items free or pennies. I hope you enjoy. Please email me with any questions you might have. I will do my best to help!