Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Walgreens- Week of Sept. 23rd

Ok, so I have been missing in action around here. Last week was a slow week at the stores and a busy week for our family. I am getting back into the swing of things. I went to Walgreens today to do a couple of deals. We needed some teething tablets for Chloe and I had some $10 register rewards that had printed out. I figured I might as well use those. Here are the Walgreens deals I have found so far. Enjoy!

*Extra Gum sale for $2/1 and there are coupons from last week $1/2 =FREE
*Advil PM liquid gel caps 16 count. - It is on sale for $3 and you get $2 in RR when you buy it making it $2. There was also a coupon in last Sunday's paper for $1 off making it FREE!!
*The robutussin and dimetapp stuff is 3/$12. There was a $1 robutussin and $1 Dimetapp coupon in today's paper, making it 3/$10. Walgreens has a $5/3 rebate and the paper had a $5/3 rebate--making it all free! but you have to get two receipts and some cashiers might not do that for you???? Even if you only get one reciept, it is $5 for 3 bottles of medicine and consiering it is cold season- A Good Deal!
*The candy coupons were also stackable. There was minis and funbar coupon in the paper this week. They were on sale 2/$5 -$1 manuf coupon and -$1 WG (the Walgreen coupon is in the flyer or the supersaver/rebate book that you can get at the store) This makes it $3 for two packages. Not too bad if you need Halloween candy.

That is it for now but I will post more as I find them! Happy shopping!