Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some of my Shopping Trips

I thought I would put up some pictures of my previous shopping trips. Hopefully this will motivate you to really start in on couponing. I am also hoping this gives me some credibility!

<--- This shopping trip was at KMart. Who knew you could find this great of deals. (mostly clearance items, no coupons required) The best deal was on the 3 Oral B Triumph toothbrushes. They retail for $149.99 and we got them for $24.50. We plan to sell 2 of them on for a $75 profit. The total for all the other stuff was about $15! The Hershey's cookies were .49c a box, dove cleanser $1.50 per box, Nivea Visage face and eye cream were $2 each. (regularly over $10)

All this stuff came from CVS last week.
They paid us $19 to take it out of the store.
Yes- they paid us. CVS does something called Extra Care Bucks. They print at the bottom of your receipt and you can use them on your next trip. I also use coupons so all in all they paid me! Yay! It was about $100 worth of stuff.

There's Tide detergent, 10 tubes of toothpaste (Colgate), 4 boxes of Zantac, Bounty towels, Chips Ahoy cookies, cereal, Planters peanuts, and more. I love CVS!

This was our first trip to CVS and we got paid to take all this stuff home. I think because of coupons it was -$7 or so. Can't beat that!

This was my FIRST deal. We got Gerber baby food for .02c a jar. Yes, 2 cents a jar!!!! This was the first trip. We now have about 400 jars of baby food that we only paid $8 for. Even if she hates it, we will just donate it to a shelter or food bank.
We also got a great deal on Pamers diapers and wipes and free rice cereal. (I think our total at Target that trip was $20 or so) The mixer we got at Bed Bath and Beyond. It retails for $299.99 and I have ALWAYS wanted one. After the price match, $20 coupon, and $30 rebate, we only paid $97.99!!

Are you motivated yet?