Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FREE Spa Trip from Walgreens

Here is how this works.

Buy four participating products and recieve a $100 spa certificate or buy 2 and recieve a $50 certificate.

The website for more details is http://walgreenssparewards.com or you can check the easy saver catalog. (that is the little book that is available at the store. It contains coupons and rebates to use at Walgreens)

Just be sure that all four products are rung up together on one receipt.

One of the products is robutussin cough drops and I think they are on sale this week I think. So you could get a $100 spa trip for under $10.

Here are the participating rewards products:
robitussin cough drops 25ct (menthol, honey lemon, cherry, honeylemon tea)
robitussin syrups 4oz, 8oz, 12oz
robitussin infant cough DM 1oz
robitussin pediatric syrups 4oz
robitussin pediatric cough & cold cf 1oz
robitussin coughgels 20ct
robitussin tablets 20ct, 40ct
dimetapp elixirs 4oz, 8oz
dimetapp toddler drops .5oz
dimetapp chewables
advil caplets
advil gel caplets 24ct, 50ct, 100ct, 200ct
advil tablets 24ct, 50ct, 100ct, 200ct, 10ct vial
advil liqui-gels 24ct, 50ct, 100ct, 180ct
advil migraine liqui-gels 20ct, 80ct
childrens advil 4oz
advil pm caplets 20ct, 40ct
advil allergy sinus 20ct
advil multi symptom 10ct
dristan mist .5oz
dristan tablets 20ct
primatene mist 1/2 oz
primatene mist refill .5oz
primatene tablets 60ct
alavert tablets 12ct, 48ct
alavert D12 tablets 12ct
alavert 12ct, 48ct
centrum 50ct, 130ct, 180ct, 250ct
centrum chewables 50ct, 100ct
centrum performance 45ct, 75ct, 120ct
centrum silver 60ct, 100ct, 150ct, 220ct
centrum silver chewables 60ct
caltrate 600 150ct
caltrate 600+ 60ct, 120ct
caltrate 600+D 60ct, 120ct, 200ct
caltrate colon health 60ct
caltrate chewables 60ct, 90ct
preparation H medicated wipes portable pack 10ct
preparation H medicated wipes tub 48ct
preparation H medicated wipes refill pack 48ct
preparation H hydrocortisone cream .9oz
preparation H cooling gel .9oz, 1.8oz
preparation H cream max strength .9oz, 1.8oz
preparation H ointment 1oz, 2oz
preparation H suppositories 12ct, 24ct
fibercon 90ct, 140ct

You can use as many coupons as you need to on this deal. There are some Robitussin coupons online you could use. (check the site I posted yesterday to find it)

**These are non-transferable and I think you have to pay for the trip upfront BUT you will be reimbursed


Tara said...

I wonder if this will pan out. I ask because I got a "free spa treatment" gift certificate when I was having Grace. It was sponsored by Similac, and you had to call this number to get your appointment set up. WELL! I called five times and never did get an appointment for my free pedicure. I was bummed.

So anyway, I shared all this because I wonder if the Walgreen's offer is from the same people. If it is, it might not be worthwhile to spend the money on the products. Let me know how it goes!