Thursday, October 25, 2007

NEW CVS coupons

There are new coupons out other than the $4 off of $20 that I am always talking about. Take advantage of these before they expire on the 28th. Use them on the Tylenol deal this week or save them for next week. Or use them for all of the above. Here is a tip: Before you shop, ask your store if the stack coupons- will the take several of these at once. For example: can you use a $10 off or $50, a $5 off of $30 and a $4 off of $20 on one transaction. That would be a $19 savings off of a $50 purchase. Some stores will let you do this and some won't. I am lucky to shop at one that does. I always stack them all up to the $75 off coupon and it ends up being $34 off my $75 purchase. Just make sure you have many items in your cart as you have coupons. (5 coupons and you use 2 ECB's as well (that is your CVS monopoly money) and you must have at least 7 items to use them all) ECB's count as coupons. Email me if you have questions. Enjoy!

Non Prescription Meds
2 off $10 Non Prescription Medication 10/28/07 4-3334 (GOOD TO USE)
2 off $10 Non Prescription Medication 1/31/08 4-9924 (GOOD TO USE)

Expires 10/28/07
$15/$75 expires 10/28/07 code 43537
$10/$50 expires 10/28/07 code 43536
$10/$50 expires 10/28/07 code 43606
$5/$30 expires 10/28/07 code 43535
$4/$20 expires 10/28/07 code 43534