Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Steals

I found a great website for baby products. It is called babySteals.com and it is kind of like the website Woot if you have heard of that. They offer ONE product a day but offer it at a greatly discounted rate. It is available until it sells out. Here is some more information that I found on their website.

"This is the place where mommies of all kinds get hooked up with the latest 'baby steal'. Our 'steals' are designed to save you serious money on products you would normally spend much more money on, or things you just wouldn't normally 'splurge' on because of the cost. The prices are so good you'll want to get one for you, your sister, and your best friend. That is, unless they're babystealers too, in which case you may want to give them a call because they're probably already getting one for you!"